Happy Father's Day

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I know this is a day late, and a dollar short (Don't worry, I did call Dad and wish him a Happy Father's day), but I just wanted to share my favorite memory of him.

My Dad was a very busy guy. Too busy to go to my soccer games, or play sports with me, or take me to fun places (just for fun). So I got used to that as a kid, and spent most my time with him in a work environment helping him and learning the value of good work ethic. (Yea, I don't know what happened to the "good work ethic thing". I think I lost it somewhere in my mid 20's)

One day, when I was in elementary school, a call came through from the intercom in my classroom, "Mrs. [Teacher Name], can you send Albert to the office with his things, please?" My heart jumped. I recognized that call from when my mom had come to get me from school early a few times before, but those were just for dentist appointments or other non-exciting stuff.

My mind started going through all the possibilities of why I would be picked up from school early. As I approached the office with my bookbag, I saw my dad in there. I'm pretty sure my mouth was hanging open at that moment. Why would my dad be picking me up in the middle of the school day? Was I in trouble for something? Was Mom too sick to take me to an unscheduled dentist appointment?

Soon after, he told me that we were going camping, and that it was Father's and Son's Camping weekend with our church. If you could imagine what the happiest little boy in the world looked like... that's what I looked like. A weekend camping with my dad and my friends, getting out of school early, a cooler full of food packed by Mom. And a long drive to enjoy with my old man.

I will always remember this day, and that camping trip. It is the best childhood memory I have.

Thanks, Dad.


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