Projects of Consequence

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Here are is a list of projects that I have worked on or am working on. It is not a complete list of projects as the title insinuates. Only a list of my own projects that I feel are worth linking to.

NPC Portal

January 2014 - Current

NPC Portal is a gaming community website in a can. It's designed to run as a stand-alone website in Azure or any other hosting service. It has a slew of generally accepted features for community websites, with more being added here and there. It's open source (in that I'm openly the only developer :P). It's highly extensible and customizable. When I terminated GuildToad, a part of me died, but also the Defiant Guild needed a new home, so I decided to resurrect the idea in a more simple, not-for-profit solution.


October 2012 - December 2014 (Terminated) is a social family history website. Integrated with, it pulls in your family tree automatically and allows you to easily and securely upoad pictures, video audio and stories to your timeline, or the timelines of your children, siblings, parents, grandparents or great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-grandparents. You can easily stay up to date on what your relatives are doing, or what your ancestors did by following their timeline. Your family members are also updated on what you are up to. Use it for family history, use it as a life-blog. iLived's goal is not just pinning people as leaves in genealogy trees, but that every life is remembered, current and past.


December 2008 - July 2011 (Terminated)

FeatureTrax is a project management software dedicated to being the easiest to use, fastest to configure and cheapest to own. Our primary focus is to provide small to medium sized development teams a place to manage their projects with little impact to their velocity and pocketbook. The need for managing projects in excel is no more!


January 2010 - July 2011 (Terminated) is a custom t-shirt website that accepts designs from any artist who wants to make a name for themselves, or just make a buck! We have regular contests that determine the best shirts. Those shirts are then sold to users who crave the best designs available.


Spring 2006 - November 2012 (Terminated)

GuildToad is a service that creates and hosts World of Warcraft™ guild websites. It has a robust set of features that every guild needs, including fully custom recruiting forms and full integration with the World of Warcraft™ armory. All the skins are 100% css customizable to give your guild site the look and feel that you need.