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The following is a list of products or services that I personally recommend. These reviews are my personal opinion so read as you dare.

Best Burger: Ever

Culver's is a family owned chain of restaurants that delivers some seriously good food. The best of which is their delicious Butter Burger Deluxe. I'm pretty sure this is what a Krabby Patty would taste like if it existed in real life. They cook these burgers in butter... if that's not enough to get your taste buds tingling and your arteries groaning, they make the burger to order, including heaping helpings of bacon. Yup, the best burger I've ever eaten. Also, they have frozen custard and fried cheese curds. This place is awesome!! But be warned: Consuming food of this level of deliciousness will probably remove a few days off the end of your life for healthiness reasons.

Best Chicken Wings

Buffalo Wild Wings takes the cake on this one. Their creamy, yet mostly buffalo sauce is the best I've tasted at an establishment. If you can stand the inherently poor service of the average BWW establishment, the wings are a real treat. They have a TON of different sauce flavors to suit anyone's appetite. Also, don't get the Blazing Wings... they will punish you twice.

Best Thai Food: Arizona

Malee's On Main (a.k.a. Malee's Thai Bistro) is absolutely amazing. Their Pad-thai, Chicken Panang, and Crispy Fish are the best dishes. Malee's is definitely worth a stop if you're going to be in the Scottsdale Area. Tell them I said, "Hi". (From the toolbox crew)