Links I Like

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This is a list of links that I am either affiliated with, or just plain like. I highly recommend them all!


Have you ever had an idea for a website or product and had trouble explaining it to other people? This super-duper easy to use program lets you create mock-ups/sketches of cool user experiences without any programming knowledge needed.

Bori Story

My dear wife keeps this blog filled with all the goings on of our little family. Pictures, videos, stories and more!

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

Want to know why I'm so dang happy all the time? You can find out at the above website.

Defiant Guild

A good group of people who play World of Warcraft™. (I've been in this guild for 4 years)

Good News Adoption

Only the best cause in the entire world! Elena Duncan advocates for education and support around adopting families and birth parents.

Homestar Runner

A classic cartoon of creative silly goodness. Be sure to check out the strongbad emails!


I buy all my computer supplies here. Great prices, free shipping and eggcellent customer service! (See what I did there?)


This website has some really nice computer component performance reports based on tens of thousands of user contributed performance scans. It's a great website to check if you're looking to find the best computer component for the buck.

Please Drink A Knife

This website is hosted and built by none other than the immortal Anthony. If you would like to feel belittled and berated, visit this site for some really good rants. Good for a chuckle and will definitely cause you to rethink your life.


This is the best website for building/testing Regular Expressions. How do I have the gall to say such a thing? Because I'm a RegEx Sith Lord.


My technical arch nemesis Michael Duncan has amassed his unparalleled expertise in LAMP related technologies to form a website of epic proportions. If you wish to consider yourself a PHP guru, his website should be in your bookmarks.

A place where IT, HR and Finance professionals can get help and share information regarding their respective fields.

What Would The Founders Think?

Created by my friend Martin, this website is dedicated to reducing levels of ignorance of the principles behind constitution. He, along with his contributors, write some amazing articles that give us insight into the thoughts of our founding forefathers.