The Best Anti-Virus Software

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There is none. I mean, I'm sure there are lots of anti-virus softwares that prevent old viruses from getting on your computer, but unfortunately for the anti-virus software industry, hackers will always be creating new viruses that side step current security measures. Always one step ahead. So what's the best way to avoid getting viruses if an anti-virus can't protect you 100%? Just don't get viruses. :)

Safe Browsing

It's a very simple concept that starts with educating users to think about the clicks they click before they click. It involves understanding where threats lurk, where they can be safe, and what activities they can do on the internet that will greatly reduce their chance of getting infected.

Below is a list of website types that you should stay away from if you would like to have a virus free computing experience:

  • - Pornographic or other explicit material websites
  • - Game cheat websites. Hackers expose these cheats to beat the system, what would make you think they wouldn't want to game YOUR system?
  • - Free game websites. Nothing is free... except "open source", which is not the same as free.
  • - Free streaming websites. Getting movies and TV shows for free will come with a price. The price of a computer technician cleaning viruses off your computer ~$150.
  • - Free software. Bit torrent sites are notorious for fostering virus propagators, not to mention that the version of "Adobe CS5" that you're downloading over bit torrent could very well be a virus itself. Avoid "free software".
  • - Any website with "questionable" material

Avoid being tricked! A large portion of viruses are contracted by clicking on something that seems legitimate. If you hover over a link, the browser you're using will show you the destination link address. Inspect the address. If you do not recognize it, DON'T CLICK IT!!!

Safe Searching

Google does a good job at filtering out harmful websites from its search results, so if you turn "safe-search" on, and stay one click deep from your search results, this will reduce your chance of infection greatly. But more importantly, don't go to websites that you do not recognize without researching about the website first.


I've been running without an anti-virus software since... well, I've actually never had one. I've installed AVG, Windows Defender and Microsoft Security essentials just to scan my computer from time to time to see if I had any viruses. But they've always come up empty handed. I've never run a virus software that has actively monitored my system. (Those cause your computer to run terribly slow, because they have to monitor everything.)

So how have I not contracted viruses? By following the principles above. The only time I've ever gotten a virus was the instance that I downloaded a cracked game for a friend on his new computer per his request. The only time I see people get viruses is if they're violating the Safe Browsing and Safe Searching practices as stated above.

I hope this helps you all stay virus free and have a happy Internet experience.

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